The 5 Step Facebook Funnel Technique That You Need To Know

The 5 Step Facebook Funnel Technique That You Need To Know - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

Did you know that the average web conversion on a cold audience is 1-3%?  Running ads to traffic who have never heard of you is not a sound strategy.  To avoid wasting money and time, you need to be driving your future customers through a planned out funnel.  Let me explain.

Scenario 1:

You create a Facebook ad to:

  • Ages 30 to 50

  • People who are interested in real estate investing.

These people have never heard from you before.  They've never heard of your company and they may or may not actually have an interest in real estate investing.  They may have just liked the page of a friend who made an investing page for support.  You're paying a cost per lead of about $5 because for every 300 people that this ad passes by only one want to see more.


Scenario 2:

You create a Facebook ad that targets people who are members of your page.  You have been talking to them on Facebook.  You have been sending them emails.  You have given them multiple resources to use to improve their real estate investing returns.  Now, you're asking them to contact you to become an actual investor in your firm and invest in your actual properties.  Now, you are marketing to a warm audience.  People that know you, trust you, like you, have stuck around for the long-haul are likely to invest.  See the difference?  The best part?  That 1-3% from earlier….is now 48%.  That $5 cost per lead is now $1.43.

I don't think I have to tell you which one is the better more cost-effective option.  So, your next question should be: How do I do this funnel thing?

I'm writing a multi-part blog series about this.  I'm going to give you the overview here real quick and then go deep into each step in the next few weeks so you can piece it together in the best way for your industry.  



Step 1: The Blog

Write (or record) a blog weekly (or bi-weekly).  

Post your blog posts to your Facebook. (And any other social media you are on)

Ask for thoughts, opinions, and suggestions to the post.



Step 2: The Growth

Create a page likes ad for Facebook to grow your page with people who see that you are an expert in your field.

Continue writing and growing your page for 2 months minimum.  


Step 3: The Lead Magnet

Create a free ebook/slide share/ video consolidating all of the information from the blog posts you have written.  No need to reinvent the wheel.


Step 4: The Giveaway

Run a Facebook Ad to your page offering this free resource to your followers.  They give an email address, you give the book.  

Follow up with an email 2-3 weeks in a row with more free resources, checklists, links, tips & tricks


Step 5: The Ask

At this point, you ask for the free consultation/contact/etc.  You have provided what they need to know, how the process works, why you are the best person to trust, and they feel like they know you.  You will convert LIKE CRAZY.




Does this take time? Yes.  This is a long game.

Is this a quick sale and more on strategy? No.  If you are interested in a quick sale, this is not the method for you.  

Will these people follow you for years? Yes!  These will be your people and they will follow you where you go.  If you leave the real estate business and open a hot dog shop, these are the people who will come eat hot dogs on opening day.  


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