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When blogging, you will need to write, video, or record audio.  You can only do one of these things, or mix it up.  It is really whatever you are comfortable with.  If you have employees, have them write/record one thing a month.  This will give fresh perspectives and (better yet) you will not have to do all of the work!

Here are a few tips to get you started on the right path.  


Knowing who you are writing to will make blogging SO MUCH EASIER!  The truth is, you will not appeal to everyone.  So DON'T TRY!  It will just wear you out and your voice will be lost.  Focus in on the people who you want to buy from you and go with it.  If you have not fully identified and focused in on your super customer (or ideal customer avatar), refer to this “Finding Your Brand Superfan” post and then come back here.  Any time spent before doing this kind of exercise will be time wasted and money spent that you will not see a return on.  It takes time and it is tedious, but it is essential and you will thank me later.  


Start with Why?  Why do you want to share your knowledge?  Why is your point of view different?  Why will people be interested in what you have to say?  Why are you picking this particular subject?

If you want a successful blog that will educate and build confidence that you are a person to be trusted, you need to speak from a particular point of view.  For example, if you are in life insurance sells, you need to share your experiences that lead you down this path.  Share stories from your clients and how having that insurance policy helped them.  Don’t just spout stats or regurgitate others you have found online.  Speak to YOUR customers in YOUR voice.  Tell them all of the things that you would share if you were on the phone with them.  Your business practices, who you are and where you are from, why you are in the field you are in, the process of working with you, the process of buying whatever you are selling, the advantages of one product over another, etc.  



It is so important to read, study, and learn about blogging, writing, building a brand, building a site, using the elements of your website.  You can have the best stories and amazing advice, but if you do not proofread….no one will read it.  If you can’t make graphics to go on social media for attention grabbing, no one will know to come read your content.  If you have no opt-in, you will not know who is reading your stuff or how to get them coming back.  It is important to educate yourself.  If you don’t feel like you have time for the learning curve that comes with putting yourself out there, hire a professional.  You write the content and then pay someone to do all of the other “get it out there” type work.  I know of a great boutique digital marketing agency who can help you out with that.  



Connecting with other bloggers, either in your niche or just in general, is super valuable.  Here are some of the awesome benefits of blogging communities:

  • Helps you to meet and build a relationship with other bloggers: This is one of the best benefits of joining blogging communities. You get to meet new faces and bloggers every day.

  • Share your post: you can share your recent post to the community and get traffic.

  • Can engage and share each other’s stuff: we can help each other to explore our blogs by sharing

  • Drive massive traffic to your blog: if you get some up-votes to your submitted post, you can get massive from these blogging communities, the key is to stay active in these communities.

  • Get new trends: since people are sharing their latest posts, you’ll get insights on new trends and ideas. This will help you to improve your blogging knowledge.

Go to Google.  Type in “Whatever your industry is Blog” and you will find others to connect with.

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If you currently have a blog or you read this and make one, please post a link in the comments so we can follow you.

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