Facebook Funnels: The Lead Magnet

Facebook Funnels: The Lead Magnet - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing
Lead Magnet (n) – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.
— DigitalMarketer.com

First things first, do you have a CRM/Mail Service?  We are talking MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Infusionsoft.  To be a serious lead generating machine, you will need to use an automated service.  Your AOL inbox WILL NOT DO!

Ok, so you have a mail service....let's keep going.

Step 1: Create A List

When someone opts into your lead magnet (explained in a minute), this is the place where the email address will be stored.  I typically make a different list for every lead I send, just so I can track where they are coming from and because my freebies (also explained in a minute) are super targeted to specific audiences.  To see a great video on how to do this through mail chimp, watch HERE.  

Create Your Freebie

Ok, the freebie is the actual magnet.  You are attracting the potential customer to you with an offer they can't refuse!

Lead Magnet

The main thing to remember is that you must give the prospect a reason to give you thier contact information.  In today's tech atmosphere, people are bombarded with so many emails, newsletters and offer advertisements that you have to be giving them something pretty impressive to get them to add one more email to their inbox. You can't just invite people to sign up for your list like you used to.  You have to WOW them with something of value in order to receive the coveted email address.

Here are a few tips for making sure that your lead magnet is OH YEAH! instead of Eh...nah.

  • Know your customer

    • Think about your Super Customer and their specific pain points

  • Brainstorm solutions to their pain

    • The best-performing lead magnets add great value to the customer receiving them while satisfying a need or solving a problem for customers.

  • Be Specific

    • Don't try to answer all of a customer's questions. Focus in on very specific questions. Instead of "Guide to Cooking," a lead magnet might be focused on "Guide to Cooking The Perfect Sirloin Steak," or "Guide to Amazing Brussels Sprouts." Each book discusses cooking, but the latter two are so specific that they will attract a very specific dietary preference to the list.


Create Form with URL Link

After you create the list and actual freebie, you will want to create an automated email that gives the person the content.  After they click 'Yes!  I want that awesome E-Book!', you need to have a form pop up that asks for the email.  You can do this through your mail service like this.  After you get the hang if it and you want to up your game, you can also use a paid service like LeadPages to collect the emails.

Create an Automated Welcome Email That Gives Content

The next step is to create an email that will send the freebie.  Say thank you.  Give the Gift.  Mention where to get more cool stuff/info.  Thanks it.  No frills, NO SELLING!  To help you decide what type of welcome email will work best for your business, I have created a cheat sheet of Killer Welcome Emails.

NEXT STEP: Create Web Conversion Ad using URL Link as website

The last step is the KICKER!  You need to promote your Bomb-Diggity Freebie on Facebook with an Ad.  Of course, you will post this offer in a dozen ways on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever else you typically share your business information.  However, this will push your offer out to a new audience who is SUPER targeted for you.  I will be doing a DEEP DIVE into how to create an amazingly effective Facebook Ad in my blog next week.  In the meantime, work on your freebie and email....and stay tuned!


Sarah Selvarengaraju