Feeling Lost In The Holiday Shuffle?

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The rush of Thanksgiving family get togethers and the all night shopping excursion that comes after is over.

The kids are back in school. You are back to work. The house is getting in the Christmas spirit. But now what…?

It seems like the marketing push for before Thanksgiving is all encompassing…so hard and fast and absolute, that maybe you feel like you didn’t get your sale up and running like you wanted so…maybe you will get it together next year. That is NOT the truth.

Here’s the deal…the quality of your product or service should be the advertisement for the entire year, so take this time to show the fun, caring, or compassionate side of your business.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Host a cocoa and popcorn party in your store. Price of entry: A pair of socks or gloves for the local shelter.

  • Don’t have a physical location? Host an ‘Elf on the Shelf"‘ FB live party. Share ideas for hiding the family elf.

  • Hate the elf? Host a FB Live “That Damn Elf” party online with wine and the chance to vent frustrations.

  • Host a flash sale that donates a bag of dog food to the local animal shelter for ever $100 spent. Have patrons color in thier total on a huge white board to show thier contribution.

  • Team up with 2 or 3 other businesses and host a Family Movie Night.

  • Have a holiday Sip & Shop event. Mimosas and shopping sounds heavenly to me!

Use this opportunity to do the OPPOSITE of what others are doing! Sure, advertise your store/website/products…but also do a little something EXTRA to show you care and you are an active part of the local (or online) community.

Sarah Selvarengaraju